About Us


Gresham Cahn LLC is a boutique commercial real estate law firm that provides legal representation to national, regional and local owners, developers, investors, operators and other real estate professionals.  Christine Gresham and Lisa Cahn have worked together in the commercial real estate industry for over 15 years in several different capacities – from mentor/mentee, to adversaries, to partners – their history, mutual respect and personal relationship, coupled with their combined years of experience, provide an unprecedented platform for success.

Embedded in the commercial real estate and airport industries, our clients rely on GC to serve an instrumental role in handling day-to-day volume transactions such as leases, lease assignments, lease amendments, due diligence projects, RFPs, business and property acquisitions, and other real estate matters. Our attorneys achieve unparalleled success for our clients because, simply put, we are an extension of their team. We provide high impact results for our clients through intelligence, experience, compassion, trust, creative thinking and hard work. The fact that we’re outside counsel allows us to view matters from an objective, yet empathetic, perspective, while maintaining a true connection to our clients. Their success is our success.

We are different.

Intentionally not stuffy, we don’t believe in over-lawyering for the sake of it. We value relationships and hard work. Our deep-rooted knowledge and experience in the commercial real estate industry means that our team can think critically and be creative because we’ve been there before, and we get results.

We are solution-driven.

We are deal-makers. Our approach is to solve business problems, not just argue legal issues. We bring an outside perspective to our clients’ deals and work to achieve the best outcome. Our work speaks for itself. We know the only acceptable outcome is a positive one, so we don’t stop until we get there.

We love our work.

We are passionate. We are committed to our clients and are vested in their success. It takes a certain type of person to work at Gresham Cahn. We are a group of lawyers who love the rigor of practice, who genuinely get excited about smart and efficient negotiations, and who go above and beyond for clients because there is no alternative.

We believe relationships matter.

We develop close relationships with clients that last for years. We make a point of diving deep into a client’s business and understanding their concerns. Clients choose GC because they value responsiveness, timely turnaround and open communication. We do not disappoint.

We never stop learning.

Curiosity and passion for learning keep us at the top of our game. Though our founders are frequent speakers at industry conventions and nationally-recognized for their significant contributions to the commercial real estate industry, we do not use experience as a crutch. We are lifelong learners and we value continuing professional development for our attorneys.

We value balance.

While we will always work as hard as anyone else, we recognize the value of life outside of work. We are committed to creating an environment that promotes the well-being of our staff and ourselves. We believe that achieving a smart balance in life creates the very best version of us, so that we can do our very best for you.